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White Lilies

'White Lilies' choreographed by Katherine and filmed at a site specific location in Hong Kong.

White Lilies

White Lilies

Our power of endurance, within harsh circumstances - leaves us with some tough and complicated emotions which are often left unexpressed. Drawn upon her own experience of grief, 'White Lilies' is an exploration of how to transfer unexpressed emotions into the body. Striving to describe the state of conflict within oneself from feeling something which you cannot escape from. 

Believing that our bodies are ever present in all that we experience in our lives. She chose to perform this piece herself, remaining true to her own emotions to retain a certain authenticity to the piece.

Choreographed and performed by Katherine Leung

Original music by Thomas Brake
Edited by Katherine Leung
Filmed by Heidi Tang



Was performed live in Berlin (Lake Studios) as part of the 2nd Online Performance Art Festival