Life goes on

A solo of reflection

Life goes on

Life goes on

Part of Katherine's independent project with investigating the theme of proverbs/quotes. Through the means of scenography and choreography to transform the proverbs/quotes into dance performance pieces. For this particular piece the proverb/quote used is 'Life goes on'.

To represent this quote, this installation consists of a mirrored floor and a video projection of the line of a heart monitor. She uses these two parts of the installation to signify two things. Life and continuity. The solo dance itself carries another meaning shown through the dancer getting up and getting on with the dance routine in a defiant manner, which also portrays an underlying sense of unease. This piece was one of her first pieces in which she investigated how to present (in visual form) experiencing a sense of loss or defeat, but to find the motivation to carry on once more. The unease and restlessness is highlighted by the breath throughout the duration of the film. The motion of getting up from the floor time and time again, each time at a different pace, portraying the constant ups and downs that we face within our times of recovering from complex emotions throughout the duration of our lives. 

This piece was a featured project on in August.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 22.07.45.png

Choreographed, Designed, Directed, Edited and Filmed by Katherine Leung

Performed by Aline Derderian
Projection by Emi Tse