A view point expressed through a solo



'Materialimit' is an experimental video documentation of a solo which Katherine had choreographed to express her views on the current state of consumerism. She transforms the body of the dancer through a series of naturalistic movement eventually evolving into rigid and restricted movement. 
By using this contrast to describe our freedom gradually getting more and more restricted as we develop from our childhood into our adulthood. 

The imagery within the film was created in collaboration with a Visual Artist Vaia Papazikou, along with photography of Shaun Michael Leung.

The audio of 'Materialimit' was created with half a reversed instrumental version of the song 'Mad world - by Gary Jules' with the other half composed on piano by Marina Tsang.

Choreographed, Directed and Edited (sound and film) by Katherine Leung

Performed by Veronica Bruce
Music (part 2) by Marina Tsang
Imagery by Vaia Papazikou
Lighting Design by Rachel Upson
Photography within the film by Shaun Michael Leung
Film Editing by Dalia Yassine